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Are you



Are you tired of feeling that your anxiety/depression is in the driver’s seat and your innate creativity is held captive in the trunk? Are you ready for your anxiety/depression to take a back seat and choose what drives you - to feel creative, playful and confident. I am an expert in supporting creative folx who are feeling stuck, anxious, and alone and with no outlet, to feel seen and heard, and give expression to unspoken parts of themselves, to get clear on their needs, wants and their truth. I focus on creating safety, working with you to identify and collaborate on therapeutic approaches that work best for you -  via action-based, creative and body-based techniques. Reducing the power of self-critical narratives and cultivating self-compassion and empowerment.  I have walked with people on this journey many times over. Beginning in a place  where they feel unbearable pain and stuckness to seeing them on the other side -  living full, creative, purpose-driven lives. This is why I do this work.


I listen deeply. I cultivate a safe space where you can be deeply listened to and received without judgment.  I will support and work with you to access your strengths, and utilize these as resources to manage and make meaning of your struggles. I actively work through a social justice lens – holding your unique life experiences with respect, curiosity and compassion, and being mindful to practice from a stance of cultural humility.  I find it an honor to witness and hear someone share from their most vulnerable and authentic selves and take themselves from living in a place of pain and shame to feeling hopeful and able to access and listen to their own inner wisdom. 

Choosing a therapist can be a daunting and tiring experience. I offer a free 20 min consult to review what issue you are looking for support with and see if working with me feels like a good fit. You are the expert in yourself. I want to remind you of this and collaborate with you to achieve your goals with an approach that feels comfortable to you.
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