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If blocked parts of us remain unexpressed, we can become frozen, or overwhelmed by our feelings, and sometimes develop addictive or unhealthy behaviors, or patterns that impact our lives in harmful ways.  Sometimes we just need a safe space to share and unpack an issue and look at it from a different perspective.

​I work with individuals to identify areas of their lives where they feel emotionally blocked. I use talk therapy, as well as the arts and action-oriented approaches, to support you in finding your own unique way to express yourself and create movement in the areas where you are stuck.

I cultivate a safe space where you can be deeply listened to and received without judgment.  I will support and work with you to access your strengths, and utilize these as resources to manage and make meaning of your struggles.

Together, we can co-create ways to express and acknowledge blocked or forgotten parts of yourself, build trust, cultivate your strengths and empower you to move towards what is real for you.
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